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What’s Changed for Music Education in the Pandemic

Between March 2020 and now, online music instruction is no longer about having a video conversation with your teacher and dealing with lag or internet issues. After all, professional level courses and intensive one-on-one training are still on the agenda for developing the minds of the Indian music industry's future leaders.

Whereas India's music schools, large and small, were making strides by strengthening international partnerships, the pandemic and its accompanying travel restrictions didn't exactly put a damper on plans. If anything, it caused them to pivot and develop new ways to maintain their associations strong while also ensuring kids were not under educated.

A few younger educational technology players, such as Bhardwaj Music Academy, provide on-demand live classes. They saw opportunities to expand as everything became virtual, as did established institutes. We look at a few new and established learning platforms, as well as what they're doing to make music education more accessible.

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