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5 Importance of Good Music Education in India

There are multiple types of music in India, including ghazals, Carnatic, folk, and film music. In such a culturally rich and diverse country, it i

playing tabla

s almost a moral responsibility to preserve our heritage while also connecting with music from around the world.

There is music that we listen to and music that we instill in our children. And it is critical to nurture the musician within us from the inside out, rather than just through grades and exams.

This is the essence of Bhardwaj Music Academy's most important ideal. We must focus on improving the way music is taught, especially in a country like India, which has a rich musical heritage. And this is why a good music education is essential for the Indian masses.

Harnessing Inner Creativity

If you spend enough time with a child, teenager, or even an adult who observes and feels deeply, you will get to know about that these people have a creative streak that will extent if not exercised will die. That is where singing or playing an instrument, such as the sitar or guitar, comes in. Such abilities allow people to channel everything they create and comprehend in their majestic minds. It is frequently observed that children can develop a creative spirit of their own through music, which is especially important to use in India, where talent and creativity often go unnoticed and uncared for. It is time to make an active effort to change that.

Developing Language Skills

Learning music is an excellent way to improve your command of a variety of languages by singing and listening to music in different languages. This is visible in our country's youth, who are obsessed with music in Korean, French, and even various Indian regional languages. There is a reason why children recognize melodies before they can speak sentences. This ability must be remembered and utilized.

Providing Relaxation

At a time when the world, particularly India, is besieged by death and destruction, it is critical to de-stress our thoughts from nagging concerns and tensions. Music is regarded the most effective relaxant and has even been shown to aid in the treatment of ailments such as insomnia and anxiety, which is why Bhardwaj Music Academy focuses on healing the inner soul via music and a love of it.

Improving Cognitive Skills

Many international studies have shown that learning and practising music exercises a person's memory, attention, and problem-solving skills, resulting in greater brain power growth. Students who sing and play music have been demonstrated to perform higher in important exams such as SATs and assessments of quantitative and analytical ability, believe it or not. An average Indian adolescent would benefit from such an upgrade while sitting for the million competitive tests in their academic life.

Going Closer to the Roots

While it is necessary to study the most expansive capacities of the human mind, it is also critical to remain connected to the most minute workings of the inner soul. Prasad Rahane, an Indian sitarist, discusses how his musical education has helped him stay connected to his inner self and reach the roots of his own potential. An Indian vocalist can be close to the essence of Hindustan and their particular soul by practising music in its entirety. This culture is also visible in the different musical instruments and vocal training methods used at Bhardwaj Music Academy. We make sure that our students remember why they are studying and working on music in all of our lessons, whether they are singing or playing instruments like the guitar, sitar, piano, or ukulele. Bhardwaj Music Academy in Pune Mumbai is a refuge for music students, musicians, and music enthusiasts. Good work is born from collaborative human endeavor, and we believe in continually learning and teaching in order to progress into our best musical selves.

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