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At Bhardwaj Music Academy, we believe that music is not only a skill but also an attitude towards life, a way of thinking, a method of expression, and a companion along the journey. Through music, people discover themselves, and through listening, they understand each other. Music brings people together.

We believe in guiding the students to transform their musical soul to the highest degree of excellence possible. We provide an ambience where you can develop a genuine love for music, allowing you to open up your hearts and explore and develop your artistic abilities to the highest levels. We understand that when you are willing to learn, nothing can stop you.

Our profound faculty inspires our students, challenge them, guide them, encourage them, and most importantly, listen and care about them. Based on these beliefs, we not only focuses on techniques but also on nurturing and developing students' passion, discovery, and communication. We create highly customized lesson programs that ensure maximum results at a pace that works best for each student's goals.

Learn & Enjoy Music

✅ Master classes with leading international academy, highly trained, certified & professional expert instructors.

✅ Convenience of attending your classes online or offline, at any time and from anywhere in the world, with our 24/7 timing flexibility and effortless rescheduling.

✅ Step structured & progressive curriculum, covering each & everything from foundation basics to advance/professional level.

✅ Join the most comprehensive music course from internationally acclaimed academy & experienced instructors.

✅ Indian/western, classical/contemporary , light/filmi/pop/bollywood & other course styles as per preference & suitability.

✅ 1:1 individual lessons for children, adult & elders, covering all age group from 5 to 75 & up.

✅ Customized curriculum based on aptitude, age, level, pace & other factors.

✅ Hands on training & mentoring by experts.


✅ Exclusive training sessions for shows & competitions.

✅ Gain insight, tips & techniques from professionals.

✅ Accredited grade/degree/diploma certifications affiliated to top & best international institutions.

✅ Flexible weekly / monthly / customized class pattern as per feasibility.

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