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  • What are the pricing and charges?
    We aim to keep our prices as affordable as possible while still maintaining the highest level of educational ethics possible. In an effort to reduce prices, we offer a multitude of discounts. Contact us to get a quote!
  • How qualified & trained the teacher is?
    All of our instructors are BMA certified, professional, qualified, talented, friendly, calm and dedicated to teaching the best and are chosen not only for their qualifications, but for their love of teaching and their ability to relate to the students. Our faculty have spent years developing their skills on their instruments or vocal training and studied with many masters. We background check & keep record of every instructor before they teach a single lesson/program. We take teaching and professionalism very seriously!
  • How long does it take to learn?
    There is no set answer of how long it takes to learn. This varies from student to student and really depends on the individual, how much practicing you do and your age. Playing is a physical skill so it does take repetition to improve. With quality learning & regular practice, results can be accomplished within a few months or year. Most of our students take lessons on a long term basis because they want to be constantly improve and they find the lessons enjoyable.
  • I don't have any musical background or ability, can i still learn?"
    Yes. Even if you don't have a musical background you can develop any musical skill. By simply finding suitable instructor, practicing the lessons, you will feel positive results. Your determination to achieve something is your best coach!
  • Can I take a demo/trial lesson to see how well it work?
    Yes, on request, we can arrange a 30 minutes free or paid demo/trial lesson (subject to availability) to know your instructor or clarify your doubt on how the lessons function, before you commit to any package. If after your trial lesson you decide to enroll, you can register easily for the monthly 4 week or yearly packages. *The cost for paid demo/trial lesson may vary depending upon the availability of instructor & slots, for more details, get in touch.
  • Can i cancel or reschedule my class?
    In the event that a student may miss a lesson/class due to any reason, you are required to inform management and the instructor at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson/class, on official working timings 9am-9pm. If we receives notification more than 24 hours prior to the missed lesson, a make-up lesson can be rescheduled as possible with no charged penalty to the student. If uninformed or notice is sent/received within the 24 hours to the scheduled lesson, the lesson/class will still be on record and charged by full amount. Contact us for details on cancelation policy.
  • Why do i need to give 24-hour notice to cancel a lesson?
    There are several reasons for our cancellation policy. First, we have an commitment with our instructors to pay them based on the students listed on their weekly schedule. If a lesson is canceled the same day, we still have to pay them for the time they set aside to be here. Second, it serves as an incentive for students to come at their regular scheduled time. We want you to get the most benefit out of weekly instruction & do not want you to miss your lesson! Finally, it is important for us to know what times will be open on a given day so we can offer make-up lessons, trial lessons, or even breaks for our instructors. So we ask you notify us as soon as possible out of courtesy to the teachers, administrator, and other students waiting for spots.
  • Is 40min class long enough to learn for beginners?
    Yes. In the beginning the 40min lesson gives the student a lot to practice at home. You could mentally cope with a longer lesson, but playing an instrument also involves a physical skill. To get the physical side down takes spaced repetition. In a basic 40min class, you will get enough material to be able to learn well and develop proper technique. As you progress, and at the advice of the teacher, you can shift to longer lessons anytime.
  • What are class timings? Can I see the schedule online?
    Call or stop in to get a list of current available times and register for lessons. We have instructors here Sunday to Saturday, so it’s just a matter of finding a day, time, and teacher that is suitable for you.
  • Can i sit in my child’s music lesson?
    Yes, we don't mind as long as the child is comfortable. It is your choice whether to sit in or not. However, please keep in mind that while some students work better with a parent in the room, others may find it distracting. The teacher will give you advice on this after they get to know your child's learning progress.
  • Can I interview a teacher before I begin lessons?
    Our teachers are highly educated, experienced and licensed professional instructors. Each instructor has already been properly screened and has been very carefully chosen for their skills and abilities. Our job is to give you best music education possible, in order to do this our instructors are required to focus solely on teaching. For that reason, it is not in the instructor’s job description, nor in our policies, to be interviewed by prospective students or parents.
  • How much practice should i do each day or week?
    We recommend a minimum of 20-30 minutes per day, five day’s per week. Although this is the absolute minimum recommendation, students will progress faster and remember more if they are able to practice more often. Short practice sessions done several times per day, every day, works out much better than longer practice sessions a few times per week. For young children, the practicing goes much better if the parent supervises.
  • Do i need an instrument to learn music ?
    Yes, we recommend buying the instrument as the teachers will start to give out different exercises & lessons to practice as soon as you join for the classes, which will greatly improve your learning process. Without regular practice learning any kind of music will be challenging and non-progressive which inturn might affect the interest of the students.
  • How much time will it take to learn?
    The period of time that a student is enrolled in the program varies. The longer a person wishes to learn the more they will improve. The basic fundamentals can take about three to six months to learn on average, however; music is so deep & vast, that can be studied for a lifetime.
  • How effective are online classes compared to offline classes ?
    Our online 1:1 interactive classes are as effective as our offline in-academy or in-person/home-tuition classes, given the student attends the classes regularly and have a regular practice routine that teachers at BMA suggest.
  • What is the main advantage of taking lessons over the internet?
    In our experience people come to online lessons for variety of reasons including being in a remote area, lack of local teachers, a busy work or family life, the appeal of online lessons, nervousness, or a physical or mental condition which can form a barrier to traditional learning. The quality of lessons we deliver means that people can learn and achieve at the same rate of traditional lessons, and we know this because of our 100% result rate with students very often achieving Merit and Distinction. It's about great teaching, whether online or offline, and we have a fantastic team.
  • What kind of payment modes do you accept ?
    We accept multiple modes of wire transfer, Google Pay, Whatsapp, Paytm, UPI/QR code, Bank Transfer, Debit/Credit card, Paypal & in certain cases Cash also. We don’t accept cheque payments.
  • What if i can't take a weekly commitment to the same day/time?
    If you are unable to make a weekly commitment or don’t want to be constantly rescheduling missed lessons, you may opt into our “floating” lesson plan. Floating lessons can be arranged on a week-to-week basis. You can book the lesson 24 hour or a day before as on communication with the instructor. There is no guarantee your desired day, time, or teacher will be available on a given week, but there is no day or time obligation to attend classes beyond complying with our 24-hour cancellation policy and 4week/30 day lessons expiry; lessons will remain in your account for period of 4weeks/30 days until you are able to use them.
  • Can I just take one month of lessons?
    In one month you really don’t have enough time to give your learning a fair chance. It takes time to translate what you are learning into a physical skill. Much like going to the gym, it takes time to see results. However, the Academy does not require semester minimums for lessons. Every student here is on a month to month basis. To discontinue lessons, all you need to do is fill out a withdrawal form before the start of your 4th week.
  • How far out can i schedule lessons?
    Students must start their lessons within a week of registering. Lessons are not based on months, quarters, or semesters, but are ongoing and paid for in 4-week increments. Once enrolled, we assume a student will be taking more than 4 lessons; your spot is reserved for you indefinitely until you notify us to stop or make a change. So if you decide to stop lessons at any time, please let us know!
  • Can i change my lesson schedule?
    To change your lesson schedule, please email to and let us know what your preferred time is. Because teachers may have busy schedule, we cannot guarantee you will have the preferred days/timings. There is 10% administration charge for this request to mantain our records accordingly. Your new schedule will be effective one week after receiving your written request.
  • Why learn from teacher? when i can watch tutorials on Youtube?
    While we love the vast resources available online, you can’t always know if what you are watching is trustworthy or if someone is giving you bad advice. You also cannot get direct feedback on your own playing. At Bhardwaj Music Academy, our highly qualified & experienced teachers will work at your pace, lay a solid foundation of good techniques and practical music theory, customize exercises to fit your specific strengths and weaknesses, and teach you not just how to play one song but to play for a lifetime.
  • How does your service stand out?
    At Bhardwaj Music Academy, we believe music is not only a skill, but also an attitude towards life, a way of thinking, a method to express, and a companion along the journey. Through music, people discover themselves; through listening, people understand each other: music brings people together. Based on these beliefs, BMA won’t only be focusing on techniques, but also on keeping and developing student’s passion, discovery and communication. We will work with student’s goal and prepare lessons accordingly.
  • What is your process for working with a new student?
    When we begin with a new student, we ask you few questions in initial classes to determine your goals. Then we create a plan and explain how we'll meet the goals. Typically, we utilize several methods and select the method that best suits the student. All of our students are taught in variety of Technic (scales and chords) classical and contemporary repertoire, music theory, sight reading and ear training.
  • What advice would you give a student looking for finding a teacher?
    The key factors in a successful relationship between student and teacher is understanding each others expectations and managing those expectations. In addition, students must make a commitment to practice. We would say the most important thing is to find someone you gel with- that makes you feel excited to play/ sing, and that makes you feel happy and confident. Nothing can kill joy like a negative attitude, or feeling of insecurity. Look for a teacher that can pivot if something is not working.
  • What types of students have you worked with?
    We have worked with students from age 5 to 80! This has included beginners and advanced students, recreational players, college students, people who just wanted to learn to play a song or two, students trying to get into a conservatory, and many more. We also have experience teaching children with special needs including Autism and ADHD.
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