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Indian Vocal | Bhardwaj Music Academy

Level 1: Basics

- Understanding the importance of breath control and diaphragm support

- Vocal warm-up exercises to develop proper breathing and vocal technique

- Introduction to Indian classical music and its basic concepts, such as swara, raga, and tala

- Introduction to Bollywood contemporary music and its basic elements, such as melody, rhythm, and lyrics

- Learning to sing simple Hindustani classical songs and Bollywood songs with proper pitch, tone, and rhythm

Level 2: Intermediate

- Further development of Hindustani classical concepts, such as alankar, taan, and sargam

- Learning to sing more complex Hindustani classical songs, including some semi-classical genres such as thumri, ghazal, and bhajan

- Introduction to Bollywood playback singing style and techniques, such as expression, emotion, and improvisation

- Learning to sing more challenging Bollywood songs with proper diction and expression

- Practice sessions to develop stage presence and performance skills

Level 3: Advanced

- Advanced training in Hindustani classical music, including complex ragas and talas, and nuances of improvisation

- Learning to sing classical-based Bollywood songs, such as qawwali, sufi, and fusion genres

- Practice sessions to develop vocal range and control, including upper register and falsetto

- Introduction to music production techniques, such as recording, mixing, and mastering

- Preparing for live performances and studio recording projects

Level 4: Expert

- Mastery of Hindustani classical music, including specialization in a particular style or genre

- Advanced training in Bollywood contemporary music, including studio recording techniques and musical arrangements

- Learning to sing songs in different languages and styles, such as regional folk, pop, and rock genres

- Developing original compositions and lyrics, and collaborating with other musicians and artists

- Professional development skills, such as marketing, branding, and networking

Note: This curriculum is just an example and can be adapted and customized according to the student's interests, goals, and learning pace. The actual duration of each level may vary depending on the student's progress and commitment

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